Mens chains

Mens chains are most commonly made of gold (white or yellow), sterling silver, stainless steel, string, or even rubber or platinum. Those made of rubber or beads and string tend to give a casual look, while those of metal tend to provide a more classy and/or powerful appearance.

Chains made of metal are most often comprised of numerous links which can be of several types, such as round or box links. Other designs are made up of many small metal plates stacked upon each other with a cable running through them (e.g. snake chains). Which type of links you choose is very much a personal preference, though too thin links / necklaces should generally be avoided.

One of the great things about wearing mens chains is the creativity they allow with regard to the pendants which can be worn. Popular pendants are shown on several pages in this site. One of the most popular items is a mens cross necklace. Common pendants include tusks, various symbols, dog tags, and numerous jade pendant designs. For the pendant to show when worn, it’s typically necessary to leave the top few shirt buttons unbuttoned.

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